about me

Hi there! i'm barbara, a thirty-something girl that lives with her beautiful family near venice.
my husband and other half of my apple is giulio and we live with our two funny little girls, zoe tiare (may 2011) and alma aiko (august 2013).

[m] as me comes right after my first blog, "my brand new life as mom". i really needed a new start, since i'm not a new mom anymore. here you'll find pictures, recipes, life, travel with kids, sometimes complaining, crafty experiment.

I love
:: reading, my night table is always full of books
:: travelling, before having Zoe we traveled around the world for 7 months (Thailandia, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, USA, Cuba, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, South Africa) and it wasn't our first experience abroad! Now we have a more "children friendly" way to travel but really we can't quit... Travel is our way to breath!
:: taking pictures, everywhere, to the people most of the time, to my family above all.
:: coffee, i'm addicted! i don't know if it's because i'm italian (in our veins we have blood and espressos!) or what but my morning begins only with a cup of coffee - decaf now that i'm still breastfeeding ;)
:: movies, i used to have movie nights 4-5 times per week before becoming mom. now i'm having peppa pig's nights 7 nights per week - :(
:: flowers - that's for my husband ;)

most of all i love my family, their laughs, spending time with them - even argue with them! it's life, my life, and i would not change it for the world!

You are more then welcome to stay and let me know something from you!

8 commenti:

  1. That is a lovely summary. We love a bit of Peppa Pig - its OK to admit its brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜:)

  2. Here am I! So curious to know why you decided to write your blog in English!!! I love your pictures! I'm a new follower ห†_ห† Hope you wanna join my facebook group "Blogger in Veneto"

    1. why english? i love the english language and i want to keep it trained... it's just another way to learn something!

    2. well done Barbara! It's a great idea! ห†_ห†

  3. I love your 'About Me' section. I'm from Trinidad, so pretty far away from you. It's so wonderful to connect with people all over the world through our blogs. I'll definitely stay awhile. :)

  4. Hi Barbara! love your blog, your family and your pics are great!!! I am from Caracas, Venezuela, Have two big girls and a brand new baby girl..... as you am infatuated with them! looooove to travel, love movies..... but lately can´t find my way around Barney, Peppa or baby einstein either!!!! I am also writing my blog in English (for some reason I sound more like me in English) oh! and Italy OMG am in love with Italy! It would be great if you stopped by my blog!

  5. Cara Barbara,
    sono veramente contenta che ti piacciono le mie foto! La "tua" Italia รจ anche la mia..... Abito vicino a Merano, quindi non lontano da te. Saluti Andrea

  6. Just saw you commented on my blog - thank you! I see here that we have some of the same interests - books, travel, and flowers - I should add that to my "About" -have painted a series of 24 x 24 inch flowers.
    Three years ago we vacationed in Lucca for a week - such a treat, and long time ago Venice. Want to go back to see Florence and Naples - if I were rich:):)


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