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Happy new year guys! Another year... with exciting news! 
My husband is going to start a new job and even if I am so happy for him, I'm also very sad... the job will be several km from home which means no more lunch just me and him... This will be also the last year of kindergarten for Zoe and the start of a brand new experience: the school! Next year this time she will be able to read and write! I cannot believe that!

The renovation of the house is almost done. I do not lie: it has been hard. We have a way to say in some parts of Italy: if you hate somebody wish him to built a new house. Now I know why! 
I am working on my new year resolutions... this time I want to take it easy, with a lot of self-indulgence and nothing long-term. I will be focus on two-months resolution and I think this will be work for me.  At least I hope! 
Here in Italy is still holiday season. Today is our befana's day, when an old lady called befana brings sweets or little presents to the kids. We bought a new cartoon for the kids. Giulio is still working in the new house. It is definitely time for a hot tea...

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