:: WatW :: american BRUNCH!

What's better than having friends that love to eat?! We are lucky enough to have plenty of that ;)
last weekend we have had a brunch with four of them (it is becoming a kind of tradition): an american brunch! we cooked muffins, bagels, pancakes, pumpkin cake and a completely homemade hamburger! good healthy homemade food, five (and a half - :)) little princesses, some good beers and a lot of laughs! My favorite kind of day!

Cosa c'è di meglio che avere amici che amano mangiare ?! Abbiamo la fortuna di averne un sacco ;)
Lo scorso fine settimana abbiamo avuto un brunch con quattro di loro (che sta diventando una specie di tradizione): un bruch americano! abbiamo cucinato muffin, ciambelle, frittelle, torta di zucca e un hamburger tutto interamente fatto in casa! buon cibo casalingo, cinque (e mezzo - :)) piccole principesse, alcune buone birre e un sacco di risate! Il mio genere preferito di giornata!

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6 commenti:

  1. Pancakes look great and definitely taste perfectly !

  2. Absolutely looove american breakfast! MY favorite bagels! but I´ve never tried to bake them and it is impossible to find them here in Venezuela, so I may take after you and bake some for a change! Tell me something.... who is the half princess???? are you pregnant?

  3. Hello, Barbara! Your brunch sounds and looks really delicious! :)

  4. I am impressed you made bagels! That is a lot of work! Fun none the less! I love all the detail even down to the beer.
    I bought the Christmas PJS at a store called Gymboree. They are on-line!

  5. @carolina: no, I'm not pregnant but one of my friends is... Maybe, in the future, we will have another little princess (or prince!)

  6. @likeschocolate: my friend and wonderful chef made the bagels!! And she admitted that has been a lot of work... But with it! They were delicious!


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