:: WatW :: AUSTRALIAN memories.

This picture was taken back in the 2006, during my honeymoon in Australia. The past week has been a warm, better say hot, sunny summerly week and this made me feel nostalgic of one the most beautiful place I have ever seen: the Whitsundays Islands. We visited just one of them for one single day but still it is one of my favorite memories of the whole honeymoon... Right now I would love to be there, sitting on that white beach, looking at that blue perfect sea.... 

More from my australian trip (btw... you guys, who live there... You are so lucky!! Your country has so many natural beauties!!!)

Questa foto è stata scattata nel lontano 2006, durante la mia luna di miele in australia. La scorsa settimana è stata una calda, per meglio dire afosa, estiva soleggiata settimana e questo mi ha reso nostalgica di uno dei posti più belli che io abbia mai visto: le Whitsundays Islands. Ne abbiamo visitata solo una, per un giorno, in barca a vela, ma rimane uno dei ricordi più belli di tutta la vacanza.... Adesso vorrei essere li , sdraiata su quella spiaggia bianca, guardando quel mare perfetto....
Altre foto dalla nostra vacanza australiana (a proposito... ragazzi che vivete li...siete così fortunati!! Il vostro paese ha così tante bellezze naturali!!)

the twelve apostles... breathtaking!

our fellows during a three days trip to Uluru!! We enjoyed that trip so much!!!

who imagined that kangaroos can be so soft?! (while koalas fur not!) 

phillip island... my first time surrounded by penguins.

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  1. Australia is a beautiful place to visit. Can't wait to take the kids there later this year. Last time we visited, we didn't have kids yet.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I would love to go one day


  3. WOW! You hAve been busy this summer! London and now Australia! Fantastic!


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