:: WatW :: H A L L O W E E N.

The girls ask about Halloween since last week. Even if it is not a tradition here in Italy, the shops are full of pumpkins, ghosts and stuff halloween-related! This year we decided to do the traditional pumpkin carve, but we saw a tutorial first! ;)

Le ragazze chiedono di Halloween dalla settimana scorsa. Anche se non è una tradizione qui in Italia i negozi sono comunque pieni di zucche intagliate, fantasmini  e gadget di Halloween! Quest'anno abbiamo deciso di intagliare la zucca ma abbiamo dovuto guardare un tutorial prima! ;)

a last hug to the pumpkins!

we found strange things inside....!!

both of them drew their own pumpkin! s a first try they were very good at that! I'm proud!

the final result with our witches hats!

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4 commenti:

  1. Halloween will be tradition of our children in Slovenia, too. Like Valentine's Day :) etc...

  2. Autumn... and several pumpkins: what a lovely time. Funny heads... 🎃

  3. Bravo on carving the pumpkins they look great! We had an Italian family join our little trick-or-treat this Halloween. They just moved to HK. The little boy was all dressed up as Spiderman when he spotted our group and we asked him to join. He was so cute and just got in there with the older boys and girls. :)

  4. It looks like you did a great job!


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