WEDNESDAY around the WORLD: RANDOM photos.

 DSC_0794 DSC_0828 DSC_0834DSC_0836 DSC_0838

some random weekly moments…

:: good morning!
:: my favorite piece of art <3
:: my personal red carpet
:: souvenir from ikea
:: a new hat & pillow for Alma, handmade by a friend (i’ll let you know when she will open an online store – her creations are amazing!)

what about your week?! let me know through Communal Global! add a link to your post (not main page) below and take a virtual tour to faraway countries!

5 commenti:

  1. I could almost feel the crunch of the leaves underfoot! :)

  2. Thanks for the blog visit! Nice collection of photos on your blog. I especially like your first one of the coffee and cookies. My kind of break goodies! :)

  3. Good morning! We love IKEA at my house, as well (my wife is Swedish). My favorite art is also my kids' drawings :) Lovely stuff!

  4. great pictures!!! those cookies and coffee look delicious!

  5. Thanks for showing my creations!hope Alma appreciates her new hat & pillow!


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