Ok, let's sit down and talk. I do not write "private post" often but maybe , from time to time, it is necessary.
I didn't post that much lately... The truth is that I have avoided my blog... I was in a lack of inspiration and I was working (and still am) on different ... projects.

As a mom you can guess how many small and big things there are to control, to get done: menu to plan, house to clean, dresses to be ready for school...

I am trying to improve my photography skills, which requires time and practice.

A friend of mine just wrote a book and she asked me to take pictures for the cover and for the promotional tour... A great occasion, right?

We are visiting our family in US in the end of May and I am planning what to do and to see during our stay (we're thinking to drive from NYC to Montreal... any tips?)

Zoe will turn 4 on the 20th of May and I want to get her a party with some friends... another thing in my "to-do list".

and above all I am working on me, as a person, as a wife... a marriage needs a daily commitment and it is way to easy to forget that everything started with the two of you, with a man and a woman. I am working on this.I read an article on Simple as That fb page about get a daily hug for two minutes. Really... set the clock and hug your partner for 120 seconds. Connect with him and forget about everything else. Do not talk. I want to try this, starting from today and I will tell you what happens ok?

ok... that's the end of our morning chat..

now you know what is happening in my life lately...

2 commenti:

  1. Important thoughts.
    Have a beautiful and gratifying spring!
    PS The photo is lovely.

    1. Thank you! and the same to you! so far.. i've tried for a couple of day this "hug theory" and it's working!


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