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oh yes! we are planning our next trip to USA! my brother in law and his beautiful family live in new jersey and we don’t go to visit them since zoe was 11 months! way toooo long! in a couple of weeks we will be flying in the sky… destination: NYC! (our family lives just on the other side of george washington bridge) we’re planning to spend some days in montreal too.. any suggestion? it will be a road trip so if you know a beautiful place where we can stop along the way, well, tell me!

oh si! stiamo programmando il nostro prossimo viaggio negli Stati Uniti d'America! mio cognato e la sua bella famiglia vivono nel New Jersey e non andiamo a trovarli da quando zoe aveva 11 mesi! troppo tempo! tra un paio di settimane saremo in volo... destinazione: New York! (la nostra famiglia vive appena al di là del George Washington Bridge). stiamo progettando di trascorrere anche qualche giorno a montreal.. qualche suggerimento? sarà un viaggio on the road, quindi conoscete un bel posto dove ci si può fermare lungo la via, beh, ditemelo!

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  1. Ooh, have fun on your trip to NYC and to Montreal. :) We're heading to Montreal, too, this summer. Can't wait! The last time I was in both NYC and Montreal was when I was still single. It would be interesting to see these places again through my kids' eyes this time.

  2. well I have never been to USA - but have fun planning and happy travels!

  3. Sounds lovely... Enjoy your trip!
    For now, have a nice weekend!

  4. I follow you with gfc, can you follow my blog?
    Buon viaggio!


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