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"a portrait several portraits of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014"

last week i was walking with the kids and i saw this beautiful magnolia tree with all those fallen petals. a sea of white and pink. i asked the owner if i could take some pictures of the girls in that beautiful scenario and she was so kind to let me do that. people on streets stopped to see my littles playing with all those petals and i was just… a proud mama. everything went well until i found alma eating a petal and i was freaked out, because i didn’t know if magnolia was poisonous!! if you’re interesting, it’s not! you can eat magnolia flowers…. good to know, right?!

la scorsa settimana stavo camminando con le bimbe e ho visto questa bellissima magnolia con tutti i petali caduti. un mare di bianco e rosa. ho chiesto alla proprietaria se potevo fare delle foto alle bimbe in quel bellissimo scenario e lei è stata così gentile da lasciarmelo fare. le persone che passavano per strada si fermavano a guardare le mie piccole giocare coi petali e io ero… così orgogliosa! è andato tutto bene finchè non ho trovato alma che mangiava un petalo e sono sclerata perchè non sapevo se la magnolia è velenosa! se vi interessa, non lo è! si possono mangiare i fiori di magnolia… buono a sapersi giusto?!




5 commenti:

  1. a scene like this deserves several portraits, gorgeous!!

  2. These are absolutely stunning. What a great location for a photo shoot with your adorable little ones. I love these. Definitely needed to show more than one. Thanks for sharing. #52

  3. Such sweet photos!! The petals do make for a perfect background. My daughter is turning 13 soon. I have slacked off on taking pictures of her. She isn't a willing participant anymore. Your photos have inspired me to get back to taking more photos of her, if she likes it or not. :)

  4. The sea of pink and white petals is just lovely!! How nice the owner let you photograph the girls. Each one is so pretty, and shows much Springtime. Visiting from FF.

  5. Oh, they look so sweet! Such a great place to take potraits :)

    Thank you for stopping by on my blogg, have a great weekend!



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