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I took this picture in Japan, in a place called Fushimi Inari, during our worldwide trip back in 2010. I loved Japan and the prove is that my second daughter’s name is Aiko. It’s not a “great” picture, I have to admit, but represent where I am right now: in the middle of a crossroads. I thought a lot about my first post of this 2015 and, as you can see, it took me long time to finally chose what to post! I thought about why I’m blogging, about what I love to blog, what it means to me… I’m taking some time for thinking about me, for developing a project that I really care of… The answer of all my question are all travel & people related. So I’m starting back from here, from my biggest passion: travel.

:: Ho scattato questa foto in Giappone, in un posto che si chiama Fushimi Inari, durante il nostro giro del mondo nel 2010. Ho adorato il Giappone e la prova è che il secondo nome di mia figlia è Aiko. Non è una gran foto, devo ammetterlo, ma rappresenta dove sono in questo momento: ad un bivio. Ho pensato molto al mio primo post del 2015 e come potete vedere mi ci è voluto un sacco per scegliere finalmente cosa postare! Ho pensato al perchè scrivo un blog, di cosa mi piace scrivere, cosa significa… Mi sto anche prendendo del tempo per pensare a me stessa, per tentare di sviluppare un progetto che mi sta a cuore… La risposta a tutte le mie domande è legata al viaggio e alle persone. Così ricomincio da qui, dalla mia più grande passione: il viaggio.

I’m going to continue with the 52 project but instead of posting one of my daughters portrait per week, i will focus on taking portraits to different people, even strangers if I will have the chance.
 We’re going to USA to visit my brother-in-law and his family in may and I’m thrilled about it! We’re also planning other trips to show you the best of the place where I live… So stay tuned!
 I’m also trying to convince Giulio, my creative and eccentric husband, to write here with me about interior design and other inspiring things… let’s see!

:: Continuerò col progetto 52 ma invece di postare un ritratto a settimana delle mie figlie, mi concentrerò nel far ritratti a persone differenti, anche sconosciuti. 
 Andremo negli USA a maggio a trovare mio cognato e la sua famiglia e sono elettrizzata! Stiamo inoltre programmando altri viaggetti per mostrarvi il meglio del posto in cui vivo… Restate in ascolto! 
 Sto inoltre cercando di convincere Giulio, il mio creativo ed eccentrico maritino, a scrivere qualche post sull’arredamento di interni e su cosa lo ispira… vedremo!

 I will post my first portrait of the year later this afternoon…


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  1. I love that second blurry motion shot! Cool!

  2. Barbara, these pictures are great! I would love to see that place, it's on my agenda, one day... Have a beautiful and happy new year! Ioana

  3. I'm with Susanna - I love that blurry motion shot, too!

    Ooh, I also love to travel. I used to do that a LOT before the kids came. Now that the kids are older, we're going to start to explore further afield again. That said, travel now is slightly different as I view things now with a slightly different perspective --a more mature me, me as a parent (seeing it through my children's eyes). Here's to a world of wonderful travels ahead of you. Can't wait to read about the places you'll visit.

    1. Travel with kids means less backpacking, more organization, to slow down, to spent a whole day in a playground just to make them happy... i know that and i can't wait to be fascinated by the small things that only children's eyes noticed!

  4. Best wishes on photographing strangers. Something I've wanted to do but never do!

    1. my first portrait is of someone i really know... i live in a small city so there is no strangers here! but i've already taken pictures of people along the streets in Milan or Venice... let's see!

  5. The new year usually bring about thoughts of change and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Great choice to post your own photos. I don't shoot people very often so I will be looking forward to what you show.

  6. Love the movement in the second image.... I have never been to Japan but it sounds like an interesting place



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