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my first solo parenting day since when alma was born. giulio was in tel aviv for three days. i was scared about being alone with the girls but i thought “hey, my mum or giulio’s mum can come and help”. well, they were both in bed with fever and i was alone.

this was yesterday and i have to say that i enjoyed every single moment in the morning. and every single moment in the afternoon. we jumped on mommy and daddy’s bed, put socks to alma a hundred times, went for a walk, made bubbles, bought fresh bread (and ate it all coming back home), played with every single toy in their room, took a shower.

but around 6pm i found out that zoe had fever… last night was a nightmare between a baby that still eat every 2,5 hours and a crying scared toddler with 38.8°c. and today was even harder because alma wanted my attention as well!

giulio has just came back. breath and reboot.

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  1. Wow your photos are beautiful. Hope everyone is feeling better now.


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