GOALS 2014

for the 2014 as i already said i don't have big changes in my mind but some little improvement to our current daily routine:
:: snap more family pictures, all the four of us. i made a photo album last year with all the pictures of just me and giulio around the world. turned out that there are countries (not towns, but whole countries!) with just one picture of the two of us together! not mention the pictures of the whole family! for the next year this has to change! And i really want to take them manual as much as I can!
:: i keep my intention to read one book for month... in my mind this sounds absolutely fair but let's see the reality!
:: taking a picture per week during the last year was sometimes hard: i was in a rush, bad weeks, no ideas, no camera when I needed. but looking behind i'm proud of what I made and i want to continue the project for 2014.
:: my research into the veggie world is not finished and i want to keep experimenting vegetables and grains.
:: something i really want to do is travel. it's my biggest passion and i'm looking for see the world through my daughters eyes. i'm not talking about faraway places, but weekends spend with the family discovering new beauties nearby.

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