my girls are slowly getting better but these days stuck in the house have been hard. i had no idea of what to do with them, i was tired, zoe didn't want to eat or play, she just kept asking for TV...
now that everything is (almost) over, i want to be prepared if it will happen again. i googled "how to survive when your kids are sick" and i found out some very good ideas! i can keep them in mind even for rainy or snowy days!
six stupendous stickers activities for kids (my daughter loves stickers! why i didn't think of playing with them?!)
this article from bon appétit is christmas  related but spending time in the kitchen with the kids can be fun in any season!
reading is what we do most of the time. zoe loves reading and alma is starting to enjoy watching a colorful book with different textures.
the bookstore of coos & ahhs is full of great ideas and i have already saved a couple of title for my next shopping! 
other random ideas from the web:
indoor obstacle course around the house (see here for some inspiration)
printable activities pack
anything to add?

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  1. These sound like fun activities. I hope that your daughter is better!
    will comment back - http://www.oldfashionmom.com


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