i’ve learned the lesson in years of shopping: never buy something if you are not more than sure that you need it! years ago i used to buy clothes or shoes on sale just because i saw them… then i came back home and found out that i already had tons of that and no what i really need.
last saturday here in italy we opened the sale winter season and i’ll buy something next weekends. these are what i want and need (images and products are just examples… i’m not going to spend a fortune!)
1:: i really need a parka! i wish i could wear a white one but… kids+white=a mess!! this one is from the north face
2:: i love dolly shoes!! i have a couple of pair but there is always room for one more! (cafe’noir)
3:: jeans! a passepartout for day and night (diesel
4:: a silk pyjama (i love everything in this olivia von halle model – except the price!)
5:: a silky dress in yellow. i’m always looking for dresses.. unfortunately find one opening in the front for breastfeeding is not easy! hello designers.. that’s something to think about! (orla kiely)

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